Friday, 22 May 2009

Lucky escape for Ferguson family

The family of Peterborough manager Darren Ferguson are recovering from a serious car accident that took place earlier this month. Nadine Ferguson, 30, currently separated from Sir Alex’s son, was trapped along with the pair’s two children, Charlie, 10, and their youngest, Grace, 6, when their car was involved in a head-on collision on May 5.

Despite the severity of the incident, where it has been revealed by Darren that neither of the children were using their booster seats or wearing their seatbelts correctly, all three are in a stable condition and recovering well, in particular Charlie, who underwent an operation.

The Peterborough chief remarked: “Luckily, Charlie is making a full recovery. Grace is reasonably unscathed.

"Personally I would like to thank the hospital staff for all their support.

"They have been outstanding throughout this difficult time.

"I would also like to thank everybody for their best wishes and support over the last few weeks."

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